Drum Horse – 14th (King’s) Hussars

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Mick, the fine Irish piebald animal which marches at the head of the 14th (King’s) Hussars, is typical of the handsome creatures that are chosen for the proud position of Regimental Drum Horses.

It will be noticed that upon the richly embroidered drum-banners are displayed, according to custom, and inscribed on leaves of laurel, the crowded honours won by the regiment in many a hard fought field, and that, with the Royal crest and garter, there is borne  the Prussian Eagle, having a small gold cross on each wing, which was granted in 1798 to be used as a badge in honour of the Duchess of York, who was the princess Royal of Prussia.

The 14th Hussars are one of the regiments with Lord Dundonald serving under Sir Redvers Buller in Natal, and have done very good service on the Tugela.



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