The Regimental Medal

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The Regimental Medal of the 14th Hussars was instituted by Lieutenant-Colonel Browne-Synge-Hutchinson VC in 1909.

It was to be awarded to a hussar of any rank who had contributed in some conspicuous manner to the military efficiency or honour of the regiment. It was worn on the right breast, apart from other medals.

The first recipient, after the CO himself, was Squadron Sergeant Major L Dove who, as Corporal Dove, came to the aid of Major Brown (who later changed his name to Browne-Synge-Hutchinson) at Klipriveirsberg on 28 May 1900, offering him his horse. He also distinguished himself, as a sergeant, on 27 Aug 1900 leading a troop in an attack on a Boer position. The medal was awarded to 3 other NCOs and a private in 1909.

A bar to this medal was introduced in 1946 by Lieutenant Colonel HAR Tilley for a second qualifying activity in a different part of regimental life. Altogether, 176 medals and 13 bars had been awarded by the time the 14th/20th King’s Hussars were themselves amalgamated into the King’s Royal Hussars in 1992.

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