The 14th (King’s) Hussars

The 14th Hussars

The 14th Hussars were raised as Dormer’s Dragoons in 1715 to combat the First Jacobite Rebellion.  They were immediately sent north to face the Jacobites and were involved in the Battle of Preston, 9–14 November 1715.  Following the Second Jacobite Rebellion in 1745, the Regiment was subsequently employed on internal security duties in Ireland for the greater part of the 18th century.

Perhaps the period of greatest achievement for the 14th was the 6-year Peninsula War in Portugal and Spain.  The 14th Hussars gained a reputation second to none as Light Cavalry, and were particularly highly thought of by the Duke of Wellington who did not always have kind things to say about the British Cavalry.  The Officers’ Mess still has a silver chamber-pot that a patrol of the 14th removed from the carriage of Napoleon’s brother (Joseph, King of Spain) after Vittoria in 1813, earning themselves the nickname of “the Emperor’s Chambermaids”.

The 14th Hussars played a major role in the Sikh Wars, 1846-1849 and in the invasion of Persia in 1857, following which the Regiment returned to India and operated with conspicuous success against rebels in the Indian Mutiny.  Following the South Africa War, where the Regiment was heavily involved, the 14th Hussars served in Mesopotamia and Persia from 1915-1919.

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