14th (King’s) Hussars

14th (The King’s) Hussars, Victorian 1861 – 1900 Click to enlarge

In 1798 the 14th were given the title Duchess of York’s Own and adopted the Prussian Eagle as a badge in honour of her background as Prussia’s Princess Royal. At least two on temporary pictures from 1801, one by Dighton and the other by H Edridge, illustrate the sabretache of the 14th Light Dragoons. The blue faced sabretache had silver lace all around, edged on both sides with a deep orange of the Regimental facings. The devices in the centre consisted of a Coronet above a black Eagle on an eight pointed star, all badges associated with Prussia. A print dated from 1820 shows the same pattern of sabretache still in use.

A surviving sabretache, dated from 1820-1830 . . . . . . .

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