14th Light Dragoons.

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It looks as though the soldiers of the 14th Dragoons are on a patrol but have stopped to be given a drink of some sorts by a lady. You can see a child looking on at the horses.

As for the soldiers: The mounted man taking a drink has a carbine by his right leg but it is not attached to the spring clip on the end of his pouch-belt. The standing private has fixed gloves to his clip. The white leather waist-belt supports a sword and a plain black leather sabretache. Across the right shoulder is a canvas haversack for food.

They wear the bell-topped shako at this stage, but within a few years this would be changed to a straight-sided headdress. Their shakos have a waterproof covering but the caplines are attached to the right side and come under the left arm to attach to the front of the coat. Their horses have a shabraque with worsted embroidered corners. These are protected from the weather by turning the corner up and hooking it just below the black sheepskin saddle cover. Behind the saddle is a valise for the cloak, with embroidered lettering: 14 LD.



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