Battle of the Douro

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The Battle of the Douro, also known as the Second Battle of Oporto, saw Sir Arthur Wellesley’s (later the Duke of Wellington) successful Passage of the River Douro at Oporto in Portugal, on 12th May 1809 during the Peninsular War, forcing Marshal Soult’s French army into headlong and disastrous retreat to Spain. The 14th Light Dragoons saw some major activity in this Battle with loses of 4 officers and 32 soldiers killed and wounded. 

Major General Sir Arthur Wellesley had ordered Murray’s brigade with two squadrons of the 14th Light Dragoons to cross to the east of the city and cut the road the French were taking. Murray failed to cut the road but the 14th Light Dragoons attacked the retreating French, suffering heavy casualties but capturing several hundred.

The regiment was later awarded the Battle Honour and it can be seen on the Guidon of the 14th/20th King’s Hussars and today’s Regiment The King’s Royal Hussars.

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