The natural barrier which divides Natal from the Transvaal is a range of high mountains known as the Drakensburg, impassable, except at two places: one opposite Harrismith, a town in the Orange Free State, and the other a narrow steep pass just outside Newcastle and known as Lang’s Nok. The latter was formed by a natural cleft in the huge perpendicular rocks and was just broad enough to admit the passage of a waggon to the high table-lands of the Transvaal, but the road leading to it was so steep that a few resolute men might defend it against thousands. Nor could it be flanked in any way, being protected by ravines and kloof, or gorges, which had never felt the tread of human foot. . . . . . .

This is taken from the book ‘A King’s Hussar’ by Robert Compton. It is a fascinating read which gives an insight of serving in the 14th Hussars during the 19th century. This particular chapter covers the campaign during the Boers War and a tragic endeavour to attack the Boars. Although the 14th were not involved I thought it only right that this be shared.  Click on the link below to read the complete chapter (PDF). I have not changed the manner in which it was written, it is as the author intended.


Col. A = Colonel Arbuthnot
Col. K = Colonel Knox



A regimental website for veterans of the 14th/20th King's Hussars


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