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Regimental Publications

If anyone has any sort of regimental publication that is not already on the website and may be beneficial to the website and those that visit it could you please contact me. To read the Hawk Journals (and more) already added to the website CLICK HERE  

Major Brown-Synge-Hutchinson VC

He was educated at Edinburgh Academy, Windermere College, and at the United Services College, Westward Ho! He then entered the Army, receiving a commission as Lieutenant in the 18th Hussars on 7th November 1883, and became Captain in less than five years on 8th August 1888. On the 27th March 1889, he exchanged into the …
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Brigadier-General Norton Legge D.S.O.

Lt. Colonel Norton Legge of the 20th Hussars, fought in the Egyptian and Sudan Campaigns, 1885-1886; in the Dongola Expedition, under Lord Kitchener in the Dongola Expedition (in command of four squadrons of Egyptian cavalry); and in the operations of 1898, including the Battle of Khartoum. When Lord Kitchener was appointed Chief of the Staff …
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Letterhead of the 14th (King’s) Hussars

A letterhead that I came across on eBay. The header titles the Regiment as: 14th The King’s Hussars not as I have always understood them to be 14th (King’s) Hussars, a slight difference but a difference all the same.