Regimental Journal’s ‘The Hawk’

(Please noteSome people may be offended by some of the content within so if you are faint hearted DO NOT READ THEM)

Groundhawk – November 1978

Groundhawk – December 1978

Groundhawk – January 1979

There should be 4 more journal from the 20th Hussars? I am trying to find them and add them to the site. If you can help with these historical Journals please contact me via my email address on the right of every page so they can be added.

Below is a link to a copy of the ‘NOBODY’S OWN’ Story about the 20th Hussars written by Douglas John Hill formerly 14th/20th King’s Hussars. The file is a large file so please be patient. I have kept it large to maintain the quality of the book but can reduce the file size on request.

This is a READ ONLY file, if you wish to have a copy I think I can provide a link so you can purchase it.

Click on the image below.

The Berlin Bulletin – 17th November 1989

The Berlin Bulletin – 01st June 1990

The King’s Royal Hussars Journal 1993

Soldier Magazine February 1991

The Telegraph – April 20th 1991

The Victor Comic – March 25th 1978

By: Cornet Francis Hall – 14th Light Dragoons

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