Regimental Silver


One of the items looted during the Napoleonic War from Joseph Bonaparte’s baggage train was a silver chamber pot. The 14th Hussars “liberated” the pot and retained it as a trophy.  To this day it is used on Regimental guest nights to toast with champagne. It is known as the Emperor.

Of purely regimental interest, a silver gilt snuff box, lost by the drowning of the baggage mules in the Jhelum (2nd Sikh War 1848-1849).  Many years later it was picked up by a fisherman in his nets, discovered by an officer of the Regiment and re-presented in 1912, sixty-seven years later. (Click to enlarge)


A contemporary Kukri presented to the Officers by the Officers of the 2nd Battalion 6th Gurkha Rifles in Italy in 1945 , as a remembrance of the close association between the regiments while serving in Italy together.  A plain steel blade, encased in a sheath of superb oriental silver work, it is a wonderful reminder of the courage, fighting skill and colourfulness of the Gurkhas. (Click to enlarge)


Four silver statuettes (types of dress) presented by Lieutenant Colonel William Arbuthnot to the Officers Mess 14th (King’s) Hussars. (Click to enlarge)


Silver statuette of Sainfoin, a chestnut colt that won the Derby in 1890. The horse was owned by Captain Sir James P. Miller, Bt, who was Adjutant of the 14th Hussars. To this day this has been the only Derby winner to have been owned by a serving officer. (Click to enlarge)


20th Hussars Centre Piece. (Click to enlarge)


Silver salver with the Regiment’s name inscribed in the centre. (Click to enlarge)


Hussar Officer Presented to HRH Princess Anne 1973 on marriage (Click to enlarge)

Sergeant’s Mess

The Ramnuggur Cup was presented to the Sergeants’ Mess by the 5th Bengal Light Cavalry following the Indian Mutiny. Engraved on the cup are 28 actions the 14th had participated in since the Peninsular War.

 The battle is still celebrated annually in the Warrant Officer’s & Sergeant’s Mess of the King’s Royal Hussars where the cup containing champagne is passed around for all members and guests, who are formed into a horseshoe, to drink to “The Heroes of Ramnuggur”.  The last man to toast the Heroes is  the most junior Hussar Sergeant.  He is expected to drink the cup dry or pour the contents over his head, which is always the latter.  The cup was presented to the Sergeant’s Mess by the Bengal Cavalry because all the 14th officers had been killed during the action.


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