Regiments Names

1715 The 14th Dragoons (known as Dormer’s Dragoons)

The Regiment was raised on the 22nd of July, 1715, by Brigadier General James Dormer in Southern England.  It was then know as “Dormer’s Dragoons”, but in reality was also the 14th Regiment of Dragoons, and appears to have been called by the name of its Colonel, that is Dormer’s Dragoons, Fitzroys Dragoon’s, and so on up to 1776.

Changes in the name of the Regiment are as follows:-

1715:  (22nd July) Colonels name up to 1776, e.g. Dormer’s Dragoons.

1776:  14th Light Dragoons.

1798:  14th (or Duchess of York’s Own) Regiment of Light Dragoons.

1830:  The 14th or King’s Regiment of Light Dragoons.

1861:  (17th August) The 14th King’s Hussars.

1922:  (01st October) 14th/20th Hussars.

1936:  (16th December) 14th/20th King’s Hussars.

1992:  (04 December) The King’s Royal Hussars

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