The Battle of Vimiera

The army was immediately roused by Wellesley following Landsheit’s report, and two brigades were positioned on Vimiera Hill, the rest of the army were behind two ridges to the north of the hill. Wellesley’s tactics invariably involved keeping his men out of sight to thwart the opposition’s strategy. The 20th Light Dragoons were in the …
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Regimental Records 20th Hussars

Regimental Titles 1759 – 1763. The 20th Inniskilling Light Dragoons: (disbanded). 1779 – 1783. The 20th Light Dragoons: (disbanded). 1791 – 1802. The 20th Jamaica Light Dragoons: (renamed). 1802 – 1818. The 20th Light Dragoons: (disbanded). 1858 – 1860. The 2nd Bengal European Light Cavalry. 1860. The 20th Hussars. Principal Campaigns, Battles Honours on the …
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Regimental Records 14th (The King’s) Hussars

Regimental Titles 1715 – 1720. Brigadier-General James Dormer’s Regiment of Dragoons 1720 – 1776. The 14th Dragoons; also frequently by its Colonel’s name 1776 – 1798. The 14th Light Dragoons 1798 – 1830. The 14th, or Duchess of York’s Own Light Dragoons 1830 – 1861. The 14th King’s Light Dragoons 1861. The 14th (The King’s) …
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Regimental Guidon of the 14th LD

The Prussian Eagle became the regimental badge in 1798 when the regiment was given the title ‘Duchess of York’s Own’. HRH Frederike Charlotte Ulrike Katharina, Princess Royal of Prussia married Prince Frederick son of George III. The Prince was Duke of York and Albany. They married in Sep 1791. She became patroness of the 14th …
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14th Light Dragoons Guidon

The Regimental Guidon of the 14th Light Dragoons was altered in 1776 to incorporate the change from Dragoons to Light Dragoons. It remained yellow which was their facings colour. In 1798 the facings were changed to orange when they became the Duchess of York’s Own Light Dragoons. The regiment also acquired the badge of the …
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Battle of the Douro

The Battle of the Douro, also known as the Second Battle of Oporto, saw Sir Arthur Wellesley’s (later the Duke of Wellington) successful Passage of the River Douro at Oporto in Portugal, on 12th May 1809 during the Peninsular War, forcing Marshal Soult’s French army into headlong and disastrous retreat to Spain. The 14th Light …
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Battle of Ramnuggur

On this day, 22nd November, in 1848 the 14th Light Dragoons fought at the Battle of Ramnuggur (Ramnagar), a day still celebrated by The King’s Royal Hussars particularly the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess. The bravery displayed by the 14th Light Dragoons at the battle led one witness to comment afterwards ‘All agree in one …
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Guidon of the 14th (King’s) Hussars

Since the acquisition of the ‘Historical Record of the 14th (King’s) Hussars’ I have been able to add additional pages and correct parts of the website. One of the most recent additions has been about the Guidon of the 14th (King’s) Hussars. Click HERE to read.  

The Regiment

Taken from the ice bucket that used to be on sale in the regimental PRI shop. It shows the regimental crest and the regiments Battle Honours (pre Gulf war)

The Battle of Suakin

The headstones of four 20th Hussars cavalry men killed at Battle of Gemaizah in 1888 whose remains were re-interred in the Khartoum Cemetery of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (This image shows the headstones close together, they are actually further apart) Private E. Jordan | Private E. A. Howes | Private C. Thomas | Trumpeter …
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