The Book 14 LD

I have started the process of writing the History of the 14th Light Dragoons on my Mac. The process is actually taking longer than I had hoped but I have said I will do it so I will do just that. This is the first section, it is not really about the regiment but the …
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The Forum or Flop

The forum menu has been moved into the ‘Other Category’. I originally moved it to its own space to attract attention and users but it has been a bit of a flop with no one posting and hardly anyone joining. The website is interactive enough with the ability to comment on pages and here in …
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Do you want to make a comment?

If you wish to comment on any of the posts in the Blog you must click on the header which will take you to that specific post. Once you have read and viewed the enlarged image by clicking on it, scroll down the page to the comments box. You no longer need to register to …
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Regimental Publications

If anyone has any sort of regimental publication that is not already on the website and may be beneficial to the website and those that visit it could you please contact me. To read the Hawk Journals (and more) already added to the website CLICK HERE