XHX Regimental Poem

We have never had the fortune
To be called somebody own
On our merits, not a title,
We have always stood alone.
Though we’ve always borne our burden
When engaged in foreign wars,
There is not one in 1000
Knows the “Twentieth” Hussars.


You have heard of “Royal” Lancers
And the celebrated “Greys”
A famous regiment of Dragoons
With the sobriquet of “Bay’s”
They are pictured in the papers
And get mentioned in the press
They are pampered by the public
But are worthy, nonetheless.


There are paintings by the 100
Of the “Royal” Cavalry
They are known in ev’ry household
For their pluck and chivalry
But just ask the common layman
Who is not a son of Mars,
Has he ever seen a regiment
called the “Twentieth” Hussars?


He will shake his head and ponder
off the road but will answer you at length
“there are, I know, the 4th Hussars,
The 7th, and ‘Shiny’ 10th
I have also seen the 19th,
the 3rd, and the 15th too
But a 20th regiment of Hussars
Is more than I ever knew!


No – we’ve never had the fortune
To be termed “crack” Cavalry
So we’re seldom picked for escorts
For the Royal family
But when troops are needed badly
From Marmora to Madras
Then the wires hum with this message
“Send the Twentieth Hussars”


We are sent to spots forsaken
And the empires outposts find
We have served on some scorched deserts
And though unknown and unheeded
We have always done our best
To keep our reputation
Which is equal to the rest


So when “Royal” Regiments pass you
In glory of their fame
Remember these goods words and true
“There is nothing in a name”
Although we are “Nobody’s Own”
We are trusty Regulars
So fill your glass and drink the health
of the “Twentieth Hussars”.


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