Stamps from Dhufar

Here is a sheet of 8 stamps from Dhufar one of which shows the regiment, bottom right). The stamps relate to the Royal Wedding of 1973 between HRH The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips. Stamps from Dhufar and the State of Oman were issued by exiled Imam Ghalib bin Ali al-Hinai’s Oman Imamate State, …
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Antwerp Bridge

Lieutenant Colonel David Silvertop (OA30): Remembered: On the 4th September 1944, Lieutenant Colonel David Silvertop (OA30) who served with distinction in World War 2 as a tank commander was killed in action while on route to relieve troops held up in the Dutch city of Arnhem, after liberating the Belgium city of Antwerp. David Silvertop …
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The Regiment

Taken from the ice bucket that used to be on sale in the regimental PRI shop. It shows the regimental crest and the regiments Battle Honours (pre Gulf war)