20th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Light Dragoons

Early references to the Regiment originate from 1759, when the 20th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Light Dragoons was raised because of the expansion of the ‘Light Troop’ of the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons. For some reason not entirely clear, this first incarnation of the 20th Light Dragoons was disbanded in 1763, only to be resurrected sixteen years …
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Officer and a Stablehand

An Officer dressed in review Order and a Stablehand dressed in Stable Order of the 14th Light Dragoons in their respective dress in 1815.

14th (King’s) Hussars

In 1798 the 14th were given the title Duchess of York’s Own and adopted the Prussian Eagle as a badge in honour of her background as Prussia’s Princess Royal. At least two on temporary pictures from 1801, one by Dighton and the other by H Edridge, illustrate the sabretache of the 14th Light Dragoons. The …
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