The Cap Badge

The Prussian Eagle

The Prussian Eagle (also known as the Hawk), with the letters FR emblazoned on its breast (on some of the Hawks it should be added), was the cap badge of The 14th/20th King’s Hussars.

It is the insignia of the Royal House of Prussia and was awarded to the 14th Light Dragoons in 1798 by the Crown Princess Frederica of Prussia.

The award was a mark of Royal favour, after the 14th Hussars had escorted her from Dover to London prior to her marriage to the Duke of York.

The Regiment also adopted at this time the title 14th or Duchess of York’s Own Regiment of Light Dragoons, and changed its facings from lemon yellow to Brandenburgh Orange, the livery colour of the Royal House of Prussia.

The Prussian Eagle was also used by the 26th Hussars for its short history during the second world war.

The Prussian Eagle remains in service with the King’s Royal Hussars today, although it has changed in appearance as it has throughout its history.

Hawk of the King’s Royal Hussars


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